Epson LQ-1900KIIH Driver Download

Download Epson LQ-1900KIIH Printer Drivers and Software for PC Windows

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Epson LQ-1900KIIH Printer Driver For Windows 2000, Windows XP(64bit), Windows Vista(64bit), Windows 7(64bit), Windows 8(64bit), Windows 8.1(64bit), Windows 10(64bit)
Epson LQ-1900KIIH Printer Driver For Windows 2000, Windows XP(32bit), Windows Vista(32bit), Windows 7(32bit), Windows 8(32bit), Windows 8.1(32bit), Windows 10(32bit)
Status Monitor for Win2000, WinXP(32/64bit), WinVista(32/64bit), Win7(32/64bit), Win8(32/64bit), Win8.1(32/64bit), Win10(32/64bit)
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Epson LQ-1900KIIH Printer User Guide / Manual: PDF

Epson LQ-1900KIIH Printer Supports and Review

Epson LQ-1900KIIH Driver Download
BY Abu NEK - Epson LQ-1900KIIH Printer Review,Epson LQ-1900KIIH has high-speed printing capabilities, high-speed one-mode: Chinese 270 Chinese characters/sec, English 480 characters/sec, so that users not do unnecessary waiting. Strong copy capability with $number, able to finish 6-linked carbon paper printing at one time. Regardless of the use of single paper or multiple-linked paper, can get a clear and mindful printing effect, so that users rest assured.
Epson Lq-1900kiih has a 8 million-character high quality ribbon to ensure clear and consistent print writing.
Powerful paper processing capabilities
Epson Lq-1900kiih also has up to 9 sort of flexible and convenient way of walking paper, users can be based upon service requirements and the real workplace environment to flexibly choose the way to go paper. LQ-1900KIIH also has a strong paper processing function, can be processed paper including single page single paper, single page multiple-linked paper, constant paper (Single-page and multi-layer paper), envelopes, postcards, tagged continuous paper and roll paper.

( Use the Push paper tray/Use the traction paper puller/Use the push and pull the paper mix).

Device efficiency.
Lq-1900kiih used a strong long lasting print head, life span of approximately 400 million times/needles, trusted efficiency. The machine runs stably, the typical failure time (MTBF) approximately 20,000 hours, the total amount of printing approximately 40 million lines.
humanized Design-Epson lq-1900kiih product function.
humanized Style.

LQ-1900KIIH has the product basic USB2.0 full-speed interface and bidirectional parallel user interface, the applicability is strong, allows the user to choose nimbly, the work is convenient.
Perfect after-sale service-Epson LQ-1900KIIH item function.
Perfect after-sale Service.

Epson for 11 successive years to acquire CCID printer service fulfillment of gold $number, for normal users, industry users, distributors and other products to supply a complete series of after-sales service.

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