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Canon TS3152 Printer Drivers software Free for Windows and Mac, download and install Canon recomendded drivers
Canon Pixma TS3152 Driver mac, Canon Pixma TS3152 Driver windows

Download Canon Pixma TS3152 Drivers Free 

    DOWNLOAD🔻 ➡ Canon TS3152 series Full Driver & Software Package for Windows 7/8/Windows 8.1/Windows 10 (32-bit)

    DOWNLOAD🔻 ➡ Canon TS3152 series Full Driver & Software Package for Windows 7/8/Windows 8.1/10 (64-bit)
    DOWNLOAD🔻 ➡ Canon TS3152 series Software Package for macOS High Sierra 10.13

    DOWNLOAD🔻 ➡ Canon TS3152 series Software Package for  macOS Sierra v10.12

    DOWNLOAD🔻 ➡ Canon TS3152 series Software Package for /OS X Yosemite v10.10.5

    DOWNLOAD🔻 ➡ Canon TS3152 series Software Package for OS X El Capitan v10.11

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    Canon TS3152 Printer Drivers Free and Review

    The TS3120 printed good-looking photos, too. They were bright, brilliantly colored, and well detailed-- images that most folks, I think, would be more than satisfied with. However, when I examined the TS3120's photo output side-by-side with the same images from Canon's five-ink Pixma TS6120 or six-ink TS9120, as well as Epson's five-ink Expression Premium XP-640 Small-in-One, I saw a marked difference in the quality. Colors were notably brighter, better saturated, and well ... prettier, and the content itself was better detailed on the five- and six-ink AIOs.

    Aside from HP's photo-optimized models using that company's Instant Ink subscription program, such as the Envy Photo 7855, most consumer-grade photo printers have high running costs, especially compared with their office-oriented counterparts. Then again, most printers in this price range-- photo-centric or otherwise-- have high per-page print costs.

    As such, the TS3120's 8.7-cent cost per monochrome page and 18.7 cents for color pages isn't that far out of line with its competitors. The HP 3755's color cost per page (CPP) is higher than the TS3120's by 0.3 cent, and the monochrome CPP is the same. Even so, since you probably won't be printing much anyway, the Epson XP-440's 6.2 cents for monochrome and 18.2 cents for color isn't notably better, at least for this class of printer. However, since the Epson XP-440 uses separate ink tanks for each color (with the TS3120's three-well cartridges you could wind up tossing out unused ink), perhaps the XP-440's running costs might even be a little less.

    As for the other TS-series Pixmas, I couldn't calculate accurate CPPs for five- and six-ink machines, primarily because there's no way to gauge when, where, and in what quantities the additional inks are used. Suffice it to say that their running costs are most likely not significantly different, either-- given that all of these consumer-grade photo printers are low-volume AIOs.

    The Canon Pixma TS3120 Wireless Inkjet All-in-One, the lowest-priced TS-series AIO, delivers good-quality printing for a low price, but saving a few bucks over one of its five- or six-ink siblings will cost you in terms of speed and photo output quality. It prints at less than half the speed of the other four TS-series models, which includes the Editors' Choice Canon Pixma TS9120, and print quality, while better than acceptable, isn't quite up to that of the other four TS-series AIOs, either.

    What the TS3120 does provide is a very low purchase price (but only about $20 less than the next model up, the Canon TS5020). It also prints a little better and faster than HP's 3755 AIO. If you're on a strict budget that won't allow you to choose one of the other TS-series Pixmas, or the more expensive Epson XP-440, the TS3120 certainly prints, copies, and scans well enough to make it a decent choice for home offices and families.

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